Kagura’s Best Build Items and Spells and How to Use them

Kagura is a mage-type hero, this character is identical to her umbrella, which is very dangerous if not checked. Kagura itself is feared when in a higher level state and Products the finished, in the mode it is often tiring Rank Draft Pick. The following is an explanation of S.kill, Spells, build Kagura’s Best Articles and Their Explanations and Uses.

I. Explanation of Kagura’s ability

Passive skills

The first Kagura has passive skills Yin-Yang gathering, If Seimei umbrella and hero Becoming one causes a shield to absorb 300 (+ 180% total) Magical power) Points damage and numb Nearby enemies and slow them down. This effect can only be triggered every 4.5 seconds at most

Ability 1

Next there are skills Seimei umbrella open what serves to move Seimei umbrella in the designated area, which earns 330 (+ 130% Total Magic Power) points Magical damage against the enemy and at the same time bring down Speed ​​of movement they are 60%. This skill has a 5.0 second cooldown and costs 60 mana.

Ability 2

to Skills the next is Rasho Umbrella Flee Ability it has cooling down for 12.0 seconds and mana costs 80. With Seimei umbrella: Remove weaknesses. Kagura moved in one direction, leaving her umbrella behind. Without Seimei umbrella or without an umbrella: Kagura goes to the umbrella and takes the umbrella and gives 205 (+ 90% total.) magical power) magical damage against the enemy.

Ability 3

And for those who Skills the last is kagura Yin-Yang Overtum with a cooldown of 43.0 seconds and a mana cost of 85. With umbrella: gives 260 (+ 120% total Magical Power) Magical Damage, Recoil and slow nearest enemy and if not without Seimei umbrella : the umbrella gives you 330 (+ 100% total.) magical power) magical damage to the enemies around him and will shortcut against them, reduce Speed ​​of movement. and Skills it can be reset Skill cooldown seimei umbrella open. When the enemy can’t escape shortcut after 3 seconds you will get 450 (+ 180% total magical power) magical damage, and is dragged into the area umbrella (as long as the target is still in range shortcut, shortcut does not let go, even if Skills first or second issue during shortcut). Skills This is better used in open war conditions because Skillsthat reaches the environment.

II. Build items Kagura

Below are the best items currently being used by the world’s top 1 Kagura. Which currently from an ID marked with a Singapore flag with 486. is held game and a win rate of 82.1%.

III. Explanation on Kagura items

1. Magic shoes

Recommended to pick up the item first Magical shoes to add +40 M.Furnace speed and give Cooldown Reduction + 10%.

2. Glowing wand

And then Products second is Glowing wand, this item gives +75 magical power, + 5% movement speed, +15 mega pen and this item has Passive-Unique-Scourch: Burn the target for 3 seconds when Skills hits the enemy causing 2% – 3% of mobile current enemy as Magical damage. Up to 10 points.

3. Lightning stick

For the third one can take the object Lightning stick, This item is passive every 6 seconds, the magic chance is increased, a maximum of 3 enemies are injured by 150% Magical Power Damage. And this article also gives an additional +75 magical power and +30 where is rain.

4. Concentrated energy

Products this adds +70. added magical power, +700 mobile, + 30% Spell vampire and this item has passive: rain 10% of mobile after killing hero. Products it is used as a Robbery of life his kagura.

5. blood wings

In addition, it is possible for the fifth article to take articles with you Blood wing what works +150. Add Magical power and +150 MOBILE. And this skill has a unique passive in the form of 2 mobile for every 1st magical power which is added.

6. Devil’s tears

And finally there are articles Devil tears which gives an additional magic power of +65. And this article has a unique shape: adds +40. added Magic pen and unique passiveSpellbreaker: if mobile over 70% of the unique effect bonus increased by 30%. This final supplement is going to make Kagura even more painful because of the additional supplements mentioned above.

NS. Battle spells for Kagura

to Combat spells them, Kagura used retribution that has 600-1440 Real harm to jungle monsters or minions targeted to win the level first.

Hopefully with a build explanation Items & Spells This kagura can expand your knowledge so that you can continuously win if you play in rank alone or with your friends.

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