Kagura Mea’s First Sololive Could Not Be Attended By Her Best Friend, Minato Aqua

For some reason or other, Minato Aqua’s guest star status was canceled at the First Sololive Kagura Mea sponsored by Bilibili.

Through his official social media, Kagura Mea announced that he would carry out his first Sololive on November 21, 2022. The implementation of Sololive has achieved an achievement for Kagura Mea as an Indie VTuber who has managed to reach more than 225,000 subscribers on the YouTube channel and 871,000 thousand subscribers on the Bilibili channel.

Although the planned implementation of these activities is happy news as a sign of his career achievement as an Independent VTuber. The shocking news was then announced that the guest star Minato Aqua was reportedly unable to attend due to “something” and so on.

Kagura Mea's First Sololive promotion poster
Guest star Minato Akua will not be able to attend Sololive Kagura Mea on November 21, 2022. The concert will be broadcast simultaneously in China and Japan.
The original announcement can be seen on Bilibili Japan

Kagura Mea held a broadcast explaining about the announcement

The day after the announcement was released, Kagura Mea held a broadcast explaining yesterday’s announcement on her YouTube channel. In the broadcast, Kagura Mea admitted that she was shocked by the announcement but accepted the announcement because it was an inviolable decision.

In addition to expressing his feelings about the incident and trying to be tolerant of the sponsor’s decision (Bilibili), Kagura Mea expressed her gratitude to her fans all this time who have now brought her big until now and promoted her sololive.

Explanatory broadcast of the announcement by Kagura Mea

Fan reaction to the sudden announcement of Kagura Mea’s First Sololive

In general, fans have realized the reason why Minato Aqua could not attend the Sololive Kagura Mea due to political problems between fans in other countries. Fans speculated that the guests who attended the event at Sololive Kagura Mea were arranged based on the wishes of Chinese fans as the sponsoring company so that Kagura Mea could not vote in his Sololive guest lineup.

The fans also felt the gloomy aura of the broadcast archive listening Minato Aqua, who is a Friend of Kagura Mea was unable to attend to celebrate his best friend’s accomplishments. Hearing Kagura Mea’s hoarse voice, fans could only try to cheer themselves up and support Mea to stay strong.

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