Kaesang Pangarep Believes e-Sports Can Be a Promising Profession

Kaesang becomes Genflix Aerowolf's 10th player


Kaesang becomes Genflix Aerowolf’s 10th player

GridGamesID – It seems that everyone already knows that President Joko Widodo’s youngest son, Kaesang Pangarep, has a penchant for playing online games.

Not only that, Kaesang is now also a member of the Mobile Legend division roster for the Genflix Aerowolf team.

Apparently Kaesang has a big enough interest in the world of esports in Indonesia.

It is proven by the holding of a special student esports tournament, Ternakopi Campus Tournament, which just finished on November 29, 2022 yesterday.

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Of course, Mobile Legends is the choice in organizing this tournament.

Reported from Kompas.com, this tournament attracted more than 2000 players.

The total prize is Rp. 300 million and one car unit is up for grabs by the participants.

In holding this tournament, his Kaesang and Ternakopi were supported by various big sponsors.

Starting from Astra, Sinar Mas, Lion Air Group, Bold Experience, MM Travel, and Go Food.

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