Kaesang Focuses on Mobile Legends Training 8 Hours a Day for MPL Season 5

Kaesang becomes Genflix Aerowolf's 10th player


Kaesang becomes Genflix Aerowolf’s 10th player

GridGamesID – Kaesang Pangarep, the roster of the MLBB Genflix Aerowolf division who is also the youngest child of President Joko Widodo, seems to be increasingly focused on the world of esports.

Apart from taking care of his culinary business, currently Kaesang is also focusing on training to welcome MPL Season 5, whose schedule has not been announced yet.

Reported from CompassHype, now recently Kaesang has spent 8 hours a day playing Mobile Legends.

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Kaesang revealed that in a day he plays for 8 hours, while the rest he uses to sleep.

Kaesang is still relatively new to the Indonesian esports world.

He officially joined Genflix Aerowolf last August to fill the position of Marsa who left.

Since then, Kaesang has been active in various esports activities.

In MPL Season 4, Kaesang was also included in the team as a backup.

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