Jungle Emblem in Mobile Legends. Still Worth Using, Huh?

GridGames.ID – Talking about emblems in the Mobile Legends game: Bang Bang, we will definitely remember the emblem that we have been able to use from the start, namely Jungle.

Initially, this emblem was already open along with the Physical and Magical emblems.

However, if now the emblem set is more focused on each role, then, is the custom Jungle emblem still effective to use?

In fact, many also question what is the effect of the emblem on the hero who uses it?

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This Custom Jungle Emblem or commonly called the Jungle emblem in Mobile Legends is suitable for use by players who often do farming and are rarely on the lane.

This type of emblem is also good for players who want to get gold quickly.


For hero roles that are suitable for using this Jungle type emblem are Assassin and Fighter.

Speaking of levels, this custom Jungle emblem can also be leveled up to a maximum of level 60.


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