Jungle Chess, A New Animal Chess Game at HAGO that is a Must Try

Jungle Chess, Hago's New Game

Jungle Chess, Hago’s New Game

GridGames.ID – HAGO again presents a unique game that is sure to make you addicted and excited Jungle Chess.

Jungle Chess just a few days ago it was released and played by a maximum of two people, aka 1 vs. 1.

The game this time is different from the others, namely using the concept of chess but using cute animal characters.

The concept of the game this time will not make players confused playing because gameplay its quite easy too.

here gamesplay game Jungle Chess, HAGO cute chess game:

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Players are asked to open one by one box that is still not open aka there is still a question mark (?).

Previously there were rules that applied where elephant the strongest, but can be fought with small mice.

Jungle Chess game model New game HAGO


Jungle Chess game model New game HAGO

There are nine beasts present in Jungle Chess This is a funny picture, but you have to remember the rules.

What are the rules?


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