Joko Anwar Starts Hollywood Debut Through Fritzchen Film, When Will It Be Released?

Good news comes from the world of Indonesian cinema. This time, one of the famous directors from Indonesia, Joko Anwarconfirmed to be making his debut on the Hollywood scene in the near future through a film called Fritzchen.

This was confirmed directly by the director through his Instagram account, through a photo containing a snippet of an article from a news site Deadline.


Fritzchen is a film adaptation of the classic short story by Charles Beaumont, which first appeared in Orbit magazine in 1953.

With a mixed genre between sci-fi and horror, the story centers on a boy’s encounter with a mysterious creature on a beach. Unfortunately, the details of the story of this film are still tightly closed.

While the script for the story itself will be worked on by Michael Voyer, then there is David Kopple who will produce this film with the Entertainment 360 production house. Finally, there is Village Roadshow which will fund this project.

Joko Anwar is not a new player in the horror genre film. This famous director is known internationally for his horror films. Call it like Evil Land Woman whose name managed to be heard by foreign audiences. This film is even championed as a candidate for the Best Feature Film nomination at the 2022 Oscars.

Joko Anwar's film impetigore
Would Fritzchen be as scary as the Woman of the Land of Hell?

There’s also a movie Satan’s Servant which successfully shocked horror lovers in 2022. Not long ago, the sequel to this film was officially announced and is in the development stage. Several actors who were involved in the previous film, will certainly be coming back.

Not only that, he also worked on other popular films such as Joni’s Promise, Anomaly Mode, A Copy of My Mind, and several others. One of his film projects that caught the eye is Gundalathe first feature-length film with the theme Super hero native to Indonesia in the modern era.

This film is certain to be the opening gate for the Bumilangit Cinematic Universe or BCU, which contains a myriad of characters Super hero Indonesia. Besides Gundalathe second film from BCU namely Sri Asihwhich was directed by Upi and played by Pevita Pearce, is currently in development.

Seeing his excellent track record, Joko’s decision was made to work on a film Fritzchen seems like a pretty good step. The reason is, the horror genre seems to have become the director’s routine “food” in the films he has made recently.

Thanks to this, Joko Anwar has officially added to the ranks of directors who have officially set foot in Hollywood. Previously there was also Timo Tjahjanto, who will work on the version of remake from Train to Busan entitled Last Train to New York.

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