Join the Royale Pass Upgrade Event, With Exclusive Rewards

Royale pass upgrade event

Royale pass upgrade event

GridGames.ID – PUBG Mobile has entered its second week in season 10 which will last for 8 weeks.

Season 10 has the theme of Fury of The Wasteland, namely the desert.

In season 10 there are interesting skins, outfits, vehicles and weapons that are obtained by completing royale pass missions.

There are three types of royale pass missions, namely free royale pass, elite upgrade and elite upgrade pluss.

By using the elite pass you get more direct benefits such as vehicle skins, UC, outfits and weapon skins.

To get an elite upgrade you can buy using UC for 600 and Elite upgrade plus for 1800 UC.

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In addition, there is a Royale pass upgrade event which will get an additional bonus prize at every milestone of 2 million to 8 million.

1. Milestone 2 million get 1 card royale pass.

2. Milestone 4 million get 2 royale pass cards.


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