Jfshfh178 Officially Replaces Virtus.pro Position at Dota Summit 11

GridGamesID – About two weeks ago, Virtus.pro released an announcement that was quite surprising.

This featured Dota 2 team suddenly withdrew from its participation in the Dota Summit 11.

This time, no less surprising news also emerged from the follow-up to Dota Summit 11.

The Jfshfh178 team was officially chosen by Dota Summit 11 to replace Virtus.pro’s position.

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The team with this unique name consists of Palantimos, Bignum_, Pikachu, HappyDyurara, and kazl.

Jfshfh178’s participation has not been directly confirmed by the team or the Dota Summit 11.

But one of the players, Bignum, has teased fans through his writing on Twitter.

Through the @Bignumdota account, he wrote that he had obtained Visa permission to the United States.

Closing with a message, see you at the Summit.

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