It’s Time to Evolve into the Strongest Pokemon, Gyarados, in Magikarp Jump

Gyarados, the Strongest Evolution of the Magikarp

All Pokemon fans certainly know about the change or evolution of Magikarp, namely Gyarados which is a giant dragon and is highly respected among water-type Pokemon. This very large and formidable Gyarados has a 180 degree difference from Magikarp in terms of skills and abilities. But this time for mobileague friends who play the Magikarp Jump game, it will be quite sad if your Magikarp turns into Gyarados. This is because when your Magikarp changes then your magikarp career in the jumping race has ended.

It's Time to Evolve into the Strongest Pokemon, Gyarados, in Magikarp Jump

This is how to become Gyarados

To become Gyarados in the game Magikarp Jump is not as difficult as imagined. Every Magikarp in this game has an “Everstone” which keeps a Magikarp from evolving. Now when your Magikarp has reached level 20, you can start to evolve it by breaking the “Everstone” stone earlier. The method is quite easy, when you are in the pool, you just have to tap/click continuously on the magic repeatedly. And after a while there will be a pop up telling you that your “Everstone” is broken. The only advantage of you evolving your magikarp into Gyarados is that you will only unlock achievements, nothing else.

Now for those of you who want to try to evolve your Magikarp in the Magikarp Jump game, you can check the direct link below

[appbox googleplay id=jp.pokemon.koiking]

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