It’s Hot, Moon Knight Gets Funko Pop and Hot Toys Version

Oscar Isaac’s portrayal as Moon Knight celebrated with Hot Toys and Funko Pop latest, featuring characters that glow under or without light. Moon Knight premiered on Disney+ on May 30, 2022, and is mini-series which follows the story of Marc Spector/Steven Grant aka Moon Knight.

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The series tells the story of Grant, a simple, kind-hearted gift shop keeper, who often faints suddenly and wakes up on the spot random without his knowledge.

When he wakes up in a different country one day, he finds himself at odds with Arthur Harrow. Grant finally realized that he had an aggressive and deadly split personality inside of him.

To celebrate the release of the series, Marvel has launched 2 Moon merchandise Knight the latest, including Funko Pop which is already available for pre order and Hot Toys 1/6 scale.

Funko Pop

Funko Pop Moon Knight is featured in pose kick which will be available in August 2022 and is priced at $11.99.

Funko also offers special key chains with pose the same for $5.99 (around Rp. 86 thousand). Meanwhile, Hot Topic will release an exclusive Funko Pop Moon Knight that can glow in the dark. For the price is still a mystery so far.

Funko Pop Moon Knight may just be the start of the series merchandise for this series. If Moon Knight continues to be popular every day, other characters might also get Funko Pop and shapes merchandise other.

Hot Toys

Not much is known about Hot Toys Moon Knight other than the scale and first look that Hot Toys shared. However, it is certain that action figure This latest in detail is based on anti-hero The MCU that just came to Disney+.

Since this is a Hot Toys, it’s safe to assume that Moon Knight will come with various accessories when it releases. Some examples of accessories can be like Moon Knight’s signature weapon, Crescent Darts, as well as a variety of hand or head shapes that allow for a variety of other poses. Currently, Hot Toys has not revealed the price. So, stay tuned!


Second merchandise The above is just an early indication of the potential that the series has Moon Knight. Even though it only consists of six episodes, many are anticipating that it will surpass the other Marvel series on Disney+.

This might be due to the fact that Moon Knight genre psychological-horror, which Marvel rarely explores. Especially when it is combined with the appeal of two big Hollywood names behind it (Oscar Isaac and Ethan Hawke).

Funko Pop and Hot Toys Moon Knight are the first steps in celebrating the new MCU series. However, as time goes by, not a few fans are expecting more merchandise of this series. Have you watched the first episode? Recently, the series writer was also confirmed to be involved in the project Novayou know!

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