It’s hard for Wildlift to win the Indonesian mobile legend market!

LoL Wild Rift has a hard time winning the Indonesian Mobile Legends market!

Despite being in the open beta stage, the introduction of LoL Wild Rift is very cautious for other moba game developers.

One of them is Mobile Legends, which has long dominated the Indonesian moba game market.

Therefore, for other MOBA games that want to win the Indonesian MOBA game market, it is very difficult because gamers are already spending time and money on Mobile Legends.

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Wildlift Mobile Legends Indonesia
Photo revival TV via youtube

This was also acknowledged by Lius Andre, a former manager of Moonton Indonesia, at the Planet Esports event on Thursday (November 12, 2022) on the RevivalTV YouTube channel.

“Looking at Indonesian player habits, Indonesian players are very difficult to migrate, especially when migrating to other more complex games of the same genre, before investing a lot of time and money,” Lius Andre Mr. says.

“You can only beat Mobile Legends later between new game genres or more popular platforms.”

As I said before, what Lius Andre said is true. Indonesian gamers first spent their time and money on MLBB.

Jess No Limit LoL Wild Lift

It’s managed by Riot Games, so even if the name is already very large, it’s highly undesirable if you need to move to another game, including LoL Wild Rift.

So if LoL Wild Rift wants to win the Indonesian moba game market from Mobile Legends, it will take a very long time to find their loyal player.

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