IT Graduate But Not Good at Coding? These are 10 jobs that are right for you

In this technological era, this is an opportunity for campuses to provide majors in computers. Usually the computer major itself is called IT (Science of Technology). The IT department itself also has more courses on how to make computer programs and robots.

Well, of course this method is required to understand coding or programming. Because, coding have to think logically, many students do not understand. So, if you graduate from college, what do you want to work as? Don’t be afraid, it’s there! Just take a look at the following!

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IT Graduates Can’t Coding? This is the Job for You!

Well, this time will provide recommendations for those of you who are IT graduates but can’t code. So, watch carefully, guys!

1. Computer Teacher


Computer teacher

The first job is as computer teacher. Well, for those of you who don’t feel good at coding, you can become a teacher.

Teachers are educators who teach. So, you can use your knowledge during college to share knowledge with vocational, junior high or even elementary school children.

Because, almost all levels of education have subjects about computers.

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2. Software Tester

Tester App

Software Tester

The second job is as software tester or tester app. Well, for those of you who don’t understand coding-an, you can apply for a job as a software tester.

Because, as a software tester you are not required to understand coding too well. It’s just that this job you deal with too much paperwork.

This means that you have to look for loopholes in the application or software that has been created bugs or error on the application, you must immediately record it as a form of documentation.

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3. Graphic Design

Graphic design

Graphic design

The third job is as graphic design. If you are not good at coding and prefer the design section, you can apply as a graphic design guys!

Well, for this job you only need to use your imagination, play with colors, just sketch, guys! Without having to use logic, like programmer.

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4. Administration



The fourth job is as administration. Your job as an administration only manages documents or finances.

Because, usually administrative work is also not far from the computer, guys. Administration only uses Microsoft Office software. So, don’t bother thinking about it anymore coding-an program. Hehehe..

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5. Computer Service Technician

Computer Service

Computer Service

The fifth job is as computer repairman. Usually, during IT lectures, you are not only taught programming, guys, there are also courses on hardware.

Well, you have to understand the components of a computer. This job is not only repairing computer components, you can also offer services as a install operating system or other software.

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6. Blogger / Writer



The sixth job is as blogger or Writer. This job is also quite easy, because you only need to write about anything on the internet.

There are also many digital companies that need a blogger to become a writer. In addition, you can also build your own blog from the results of your writing and register your blog on Facebook Google Ads.

So, you can earn money from your writing. But, to become a blogger you also have to learn about SEO as well as the algorithm that Google has set.

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7. Social Media Specialist

social media

Social Media Specialist

The seventh job is as social media specialist. Surely you already know that almost everyone uses social media. As, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

This job also does not require skills or coding skills. However, you are required to strategize how to do it brand or your company is known to people through social media.

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8. Operators

Operator Staff


The eighth job is as operator. Actually a lot of work regarding operators. For example, machine operators, office operators, hospital operators or internet cafe operators.

Well, usually the job of the operator is to monitor the course of work or as a bridge to coordinate between the central company and other companies.

There is also an operator who acts as a bridge to coordinate field staff with central staff. This job is also not required to have skills coding, it’s just that you have to understand about computers and machines.

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9. Entrepreneur


The ninth job is entrepreneur. Well, if you don’t have coding skills, you can become an entrepreneur.

An entrepreneur is someone who goes directly and takes the opportunity in business. So, you can become an entrepreneur to sell products to other people.

In addition, you can also use the internet or social media to promote your business or business, guys!

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10. Customer Service


Customer Service

The tenth job is as customer service. You don’t have to be able to code for this job, guys! However, you must have good communication.

Because, this job is required to provide good service or complete information as possible to client or customers.

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So, how are you smart? You already know what jobs are suitable for IT graduates who can’t code. Well, if you have criticisms and suggestions, write them in the comments column below here, guys!

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