Islamic Cartoon Movies That Must Be Watched During Ramadan

Watching movies is one of the activities that are often done to relieve boredom. Many people are willing to go to the cinema to watch the latest movies in theaters and many also only stream movies at home.

Well, since the month of Ramadan has arrived, it would be nice if we used the available time to do useful things, guys! For example, spending time watching Islamic history films will make you know what happened in the past.

This time TipsPintar will recommend Islamic cartoons that you can watch to fill your spare time during Ramadan. What’s the matter? Immediately, let’s listen to the end!

Recommendations for Islamic Cartoons that Must Be Watched During Ramadan

Here are recommendations for Islamic cartoons that you can watch to fill your spare time. Listen to the end yes!

1. Nussa & Rara

Islamic Cartoon Movies That Must Be Watched During Ramadan

Nussa & Rara

In addition to playing Islamic educational games, watching cartoons with Islamic nuances can also increase knowledge, guys. Well, the first cartoon that you must watch during Ramadan is Nussa & Rara.

Nussa & Rara is a cartoon by the nation’s children with the theme of Islam. Since it was first broadcast on YouTube, the Nussa cartoon has managed to occupy the number 2 trending position in a few weeks. This animation is considered educative because it puts forward Islamic values.

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2. Ali & Sumaya

Islamic Cartoon Movies That Must Be Watched During Ramadan

Ali & Sumaya

The next Islamic cartoon is Ali & Sumaya produced by Imanimation Studios. Just like other cartoon series. Ali & Sumaya tell about brothers and sisters who are always looking for knowledge in their religion.

From there you can study together with Ali & Sumaya and find out about the sciences in Islam.

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3. Alif Alya

Islamic Cartoon Movies That Must Be Watched During Ramadan

Alif Alya

Alif Alya is one of the cartoons produced by Alif Alya Indonesia, Indonesia Animation Technology, and HHK Animation Academy. This cartoon series centers on characters named Alif and Alya in living their daily lives.

In each of his stories, Alif Alya emphasizes moral or behavioral problems. Alif Alya invites the children who watch this cartoon to follow what is exemplified by the main character.

Such as helping, starting activities by praying and also respecting parents. In addition, Alif and Alya also provide many children’s songs that are almost no longer heard in Indonesia.

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4. Shamil and Dodo

Islamic Cartoon Movies That Must Be Watched During Ramadan

Shamil and Dodo

The cartoon series Syamil and Dodo originally aimed to accompany children during the month of Ramadan. This animation also managed to get an award from the Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (KPI) as the most quality spectacle.

This animation tells about the friendship of two children, namely Dodo, who is described as a child with a bald head and cheerful but often mischievous. While the character of Syamil is described as a smart and obedient child.

This animation teaches children to maintain brotherhood among Muslims. Each child is also expected to be able to catch every message in the film after watching Syamil and Dodo.

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5. Omar and Hana

Islamic Cartoon Movies That Must Be Watched During Ramadan

Omar and Hana

This Islamic cartoon series comes from a neighboring country. With a quality that is no less educational for children. Although the main characters are Omar and Hana, the role of their parents in this cartoon series is equally important. Because Omar and Hana’s parents seem to be very concerned about their child’s growth and development and instilling Islamic teachings.

Starting from teaching the Koran, praying, to daily prayers. For easy memorization, there are simple songs that are played in each episode. This cartoon is very suitable to be watched by children and parents.

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6. Adit Sopo Jarwo

Islamic Cartoon Movies That Must Be Watched During Ramadan

Adit Sopo Jarwo

Well, you must be familiar with this one cartoon. This film is an adventure film that tells about the daily life of Adit and his friends while trying new things.

Although the theme of this cartoon is quite general, Adit Sopo Jarwo also does not forget to insert Islamic values ​​into his cartoons. So that we can learn little by little from the character of Mr. Udstad who always gives advice to Sopo Jarwo and other players.

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7. Upin & Ipin

Islamic Cartoon Movies That Must Be Watched During Ramadan

Upin Ipin

Just like Omar and Hana, the cartoon series Upin and Ipin also originates from Malaysia. Upin & Ipin animation is one of the most famous animations in Indonesia.

TV stations in Indonesia are still broadcasting Upin Ipin until now. Upin & Ipini premiered in 2007 and centers on twins named Upin and Ipin. The characters from Upin & Ipin are described as children in general, who are active and like to play. But they are also enthusiastic about learning and respect their parents.

Some of the episodes also teach Islamic values ​​such as prayer, fasting, the Koran, to alms. In addition, songs are also presented to help memorize the letters hijaiyah or daily prayers.

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So, those are some cartoons that you must watch during the month of Ramadan. What do you think? Don’t forget to share this article with your friends!

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