Is yesterday’s RRQ star vs Alter Ego match worthy of being called “Infinity War”?

Is it appropriate to call yesterday’s RRQ Star vs. Alter Ego match “Infinity War”?

As we knew before, yesterday’s final match for MPL ID Season 6 was the best final match in MPL Indonesia’s history.

Why didn’t the five-game final stop the team fighting and even respond to each other because of their excellence?

The final match, which RRQ Hoshi of Alter Ego won 3-2, was also recognized by many as the best match of Indonesia’s MPL final match.

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rrq r7 udil
Via photo: Youtube MPL

In this regard, many have taken the lead in calling the MPLID Season 6 finals under the nickname “Infinity War.”

One of them was mentioned by Jonathan Liandi in one of the Empetalk videos with Alter Ego CEO Delwyn Sukamto.

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In the Empetalk video, Alter Ego’s CEO also approved yesterday’s MPL ID Season 6 final round title, Infinity War.

This was based on the excitement that occurred in yesterday’s final, even though Alter Ego had to lose to RRQ Hoshi.

Spinners, do you think yesterday’s match deserves to be called “Infinity War”? If so, what do you think is the reason?

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