Is TikTok Lite Safe or Scam? Withdrawal Solution Failed!

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JSMedia – On the last occasion, Jakarta Studio has discussed about how to earn money from TikTok Lite. This application is indeed going viral on social media. Because he said we can make money from the app.

This kind of thing is not something new. Because previously there were many applications that claimed to be able to make money. However, many of these money-making apps are scams and turn out to be scams.

Then what about TikTok Lite this? Is it true that TikTok Lite can make money? To discuss this, please refer to the explanation from Jakarta Studio below.

How TikTok Lite Works

How to Earn Money on TikTok Lite

TikTok Lite itself is actually a lightweight version of the TikTok application that we have known for a long time. This lite version appears as a solution for those whose smartphones cannot run the original TikTok.

Then how does TikTok Lite work so that its claims can make money? Actually not much different from Snack Videos which has also gone viral before. TikTok Lite uses a referral event mechanism.

Where users will get rewards in the form of points if they successfully invite new members using their code or link. It’s no wonder that on social media like Facebook today, many people are looking for TikTok Lite referrals.

How Much Money Does TikTok Lite Make?

How to Earn Money on TikTok Lite

Surely you are curious, how much can we earn by inviting 1 person on TikTok Lite? For every new member you can invite, it has the potential to provide rewards of up to 600,000 points.

How to Earn Money on TikTok Lite

Then how much is 1 TikTok Lite point? For every 10 TikTok Lite points, you can exchange them for 1 rupiah. So if you invite 1 person and manage to get 600,000 points, then it can be exchanged for 60,000 rupiah. Good?

Is TikTok Lite Safe?

Withdraw Failed TikTok Lite

Seeing the phenomenon of many people spreading invitation and referral codes from TikTok Lite, of course, makes us curious. Is it true that TikTok Lite can make money?

Because we reflect on the money-making applications that have gone viral before, we must also always be vigilant and careful. There are many cases of people who are victims of fraud a money making app that ends up being a scam.

But for TikTok Lite itself, there are also quite a few who have given testimonials about their success in making money. Some of them have even managed to withdraw money worth millions of rupiah.

Withdraw Failed TikTok Lite? Here’s the Solution

Withdraw Failed TikTok Lite

This is also something that is being discussed a lot these days. Where many experience withdrawals fail when withdrawing from TikTok Lite balances. So there are concerns that this application will become a scam.

The exact cause of the failed TikTok Lite balance withdrawal is not yet known. However, this is probably due to too many people withdrawing at the same time.

Because as we know TikTok Lite is going viral. Many flock to look for referrals in the application. So that many transactions occur simultaneously, this can certainly cause errors such as failed withdrawals.

In addition, make sure that the DANA and OVO accounts you use for withdrawals are correct. And check whether the TikTok Lite that you are using is the latest version at this time.


So, that’s the discussion about the TikTok Lite application that is currently viral. For legal issues, TikTok Lite shouldn’t be a problem. Because the app is from the same company as the original TikTok.

Hopefully from the above discussion you can find a solution for failed withdrawals on TikTok Lite. If there are criticisms, suggestions or other questions, please write them in the comments column.

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