Is this the release date and bundle Mystery Shop FF December 2022?

Is this the release date and bundle Mystery Shop FF December 2022?

The Mystery Shop is one of the most awaited Free Fire (FF) events for this battle royale game player.

The reason is that Mystery Shop events offer many exclusive items and bundles that players can get at very large discounts.

From previous events, you can buy items that normally sell for a high price at up to 90% off.

The last Mystery Shop event was held in September 2022 and the FF community was very pleased with the event.

Currently, the Mystery Shop is here in December and there is a lot of debate about offering very cool bundles.

really? This article details this information.

Upcoming Mystery Shop Items and Bundles

Currently, there are some leaks regarding items and bundles that Free Fire players can purchase at this latest Mystery Shop.

We got the leak through Youtuber FF PEWE Gamerz and FFDATA Miner, which frequently finds information leaks about the latest Free Fire events.

Later, at the latest Mystery Shop event, you’ll see a very unique skin bundle that’s different from the previous one, with the theme of Money Haste TV shows.

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This time is a skin bundle of a character dressed like a captain.

The men’s skin wears a beret (captain’s hat), robot glasses, a black jacket with a red flame motif, and a captain-style outfit.

MYSTERY SHOP FF December 2022 Men's skin
The latest leaked mystery shop men’s skin (Source: YT Helping Gamer)

For women, the character uses a skin that is relatively similar to a male character with a captain and fire motif. The only difference is that the female character wears shorts with a knee protector.

Mystery Shop FF December 2022
The latest leaked mystery shop women’s skin (Source: YT Helping Gamer)

Both bundles will be available for purchase at upcoming Mystery Shops along with other items at significant discounts.

Will the Mystery Shop be released in December 2022?

Garena currently doesn’t provide any further information about when the Mystery Shop event will be held again.

Using the pattern that Garena released the Mystery Shop event, it should have been released in November.

This year, Garena will always release mystery shop events every two months, May, May, May, July, and September.

As a result, the absence of the Mystery Shop last November raised many questions to many front-wheel drive players.

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However, there are now many rumors among the Free Fire community that the Mystery Shop event has been postponed to December 2022.

However, since it is a rumor, I cannot affirm.

However, it’s not surprising that this event will take place soon this year, as there is a leak about the bundles offered at the latest Mystery Shop event.

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