Is this the leaked new Evos Legends lineup?

Is this a leak in the new Evos Legends Line Up? Soon MPL Invitational will officially launch on November 27, 2022, inviting all Indonesian MPL teams to the tournament.

Therefore, many teams are currently starting to improve, and the most prominent team to revamp the current team is Evos Legends.

There are reportedly many trial players already, starting with Antimage, Darkness, VaanStrong and more, and connecting with Evos Legends at this time.

In this regard, we are looking for match results from current Evos Legends players. One of them is Rekt, which can be used as an illustration in the Evos Legends lineup at the next MPLI.

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New lineup of Evos Legend

As a result of the match, Rekt saw him playing with familiar players such as Antimage, Panzer, Darkness and Luminaire.

The result of the match was a scrim (match practice) with Geek Fam ID, and it is said that Evos Legends lost 3-1.

New lineup of legends

It’s clear that Antimage, Zoeybit, Darkness, and Panzer are playing alternately with Geek Fam. This indicates that these three are likely to be on the main list of Evos Legends.

New lineup of Evos Legend

We already have Rekt and Wann on the main list of Evos Legends, but we’re looking for three other players to perform best in the next MPL Invitational.

And as SPIN Esports predicts from the photo above, the main lineup of Evos Legends is probably Darkness, Antimage, Panzer / Luminaire, One and Lect..

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