Is there a KOF skin event in Vietnam now, following Brazil and Argentina?

Is there a KOF skin event in Vietnam now, following Brazil and Argentina? The most discussed event in the Indonesian mobile legend community is the King of Fighters (KOF) event.

Many Mobile Legends players use Brazilian and Argentine virtual private networks (VPNs) to take advantage of this KOF event to obtain redeemable tokens.

You can then redeem the collected tokens at KOF Bingo for skins ranging from regular skins to epic skins. In addition, KOF skins are available.

However, it has been reported that the event has been fixed or has ended and is no longer accessible using a Brazilian or Argentine VPN.

KOF skin skin
Via Photo: Mobile Legends

But for spinners looking for free skins soon, the country reportedly Vietnamese In addition to Brazil and Argentina, we will be hosting a KOF skin event.

This information was obtained from various widely discussed Facebook Mobile Legends groups, but no official information was found when SPIN Esports tried to investigate further.

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Vietnam KOF event

It’s not yet clear if you’ll need to use the VPN again as before, or if you’ll need to enter Vietnam using the Mobile Legends VNG application.

Stay tuned for more information on whether Vietnam will host this event.

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