Is the Hello App Illegal? Here’s the Answer!

Is Hello App Illegal

Is Hello App Illegal – Previously, the Financial Services Authority (OJK) had issued illegal statements on Vtube, TikTok Cash, and also Snack Video. Then is the Hello application also illegal? Of course you are curious about the answer

If you are really curious about the answer. So on this good opportunity we will provide a review of what your questions are and also according to the title of the news you are reading

Before you know the answer, we need to explain a little about this one application. So this is an application with a type of social media. For those of you who use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, the features are not much different.

This application can be used to share polls, posts, photos, and videos. Another thing that makes people interested in using this application is because this application can make money from our activities using this application.

Well, now you can find out the answer about Is Hello Application Illegal. Besides that, you can also know how to get money from this application, including downloading and installing the application if you don’t have the application

About Hello Money Maker App

Many consider this application as a money-making application. Even though this application is a social medical application that can be used by everyone, either worldwide or in Indonesia. Users of this application can also be called netizens

At first this application could not make money, but because it received a response or enthusiasm that was not good, the developer created a way so that the application was in great demand by many people.

The way to go is by sharing the money. By using this application, such as browsing the homepage and status updates, you will get coins which can later be exchanged for money. The biggest coin is to invite friends to install this application.

Is Hello App Illegal Or Legal?

Illegal means unofficial while legal is legal. So, the question is, is Hello Apk illegal or legal? Then you will soon know what the answer is. That way you will get valid information

Until this news was published, there has been no official statement from OJK or Kominfo stating this application is illegal. Indeed, there is no clear regulation regarding the regulation of applications that can be shared with money.

If from the experience of Vtube and Snack Video, it is possible that this application will be declared Illegal or on the contrary there will be new regulations that legalize the existence of money-making applications such as the Hello application.

Download the Hello Money Making Application

With you listening to what we have explained or conveyed above. Then next you can determine whether you want to try this application or ignore this application. If you want to try, please download at the link we have prepared

Install | Hello app

That’s the link that you can use to be able to use this application. By downloading, you can have the opportunity to make money. I hope so and don’t disappoint

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Besides Hello Apk, there are many other money-making applications, which we have shared a lot before. You can also try using other money-making apps or sites. May luck be on your side

If that’s all we can explain to you about Is Hello Application Illegal. Hope this information helps you

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