Is the eSport title worthy of the Rules of survival and PUBG Mobile

A question that tickles gamers instincts for the Battle Royale game

Does the title of eSport deserve to be carried by a battle royale themed mobile game like Rules of Survival or PUBG Mobile? This has become a question in the minds of the Mobileague team, because a Battle royale themed game that has an element of “RNG” or random number generator aka luck does not seem to present a “social justice for all survivors”.

Is the eSport title worthy of the Rules of survival and PUBG Mobile

God’s Luck RNG versus God’s Skill

When compared to other shooter games, which provide the same equipment and equipment when you first start the match, this Battle royale game presents random loot which all depends on the luck of the player at the beginning. This is the main concern, because usually in a competition or match, every player in the match has equality in choosing weapons or other equipment.

Of course, it will be a little more difficult when players only get a handgun at the beginning and then meet an enemy who immediately gets it sniper rifle along with armor level 3. Even so, the player’s skill is also quite influential, if the analog moba player says, “Hero depends on the pilot”. Don’t forget teamwork and also mastery of the map / terrain, these two things will be very helpful in survival to become the last team standing.

Is the eSport title worthy of the Rules of survival and PUBG Mobile

High value and future expectations

The players who love the Battle Royale games above are quite large, you could say they are one of the current trends. Starting from several previous games with Battle Royale themes on the PC and console platforms, now the battle royale genre hype has also penetrated mobile games. Proven from participating “Tencent” as one of the investors to develop the PUBG game on the Mobile platform, not just one but into two different games developed by two dangerous developer teams.

It is hoped that in the future there may be a special mode of competition that has been modified in such a way that it provides fairer things for each player without having to eliminate the fun values ​​of the current game.

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