Is JessNoLimit’s prediction correct? About the MPLI winning team!

Is JessNoLimit's prediction correct? About the MPLI winning team!


Was Jess’s No Limit Prediction Correct? About the MPL Invitational Winning Team! Jess No Limit, one of Indonesia’s best former mobile legends pro players, is now actively pursuing his career as YouTuber after officially deciding to retire from the realm of mobile legends pro players. I am.

Still, the same players on the Evos eSports team are still following the evolution of the Mobile Legends Pro scene.

That was proved at yesterday’s MPL Invitational, where the RRQ team just won. Jess No Limit also paid attention to the teams playing at the event and predicted who would win the event. So is Jess No Limit’s prediction correct by referring to the RRQ team, or is his prediction wrong by referring to other teams?

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Earlier, as mentioned above, Jess No Limit was a former professional player of Mobile Legends in Indonesia, but decided to quit in 2022. The reason I stopped halfway through was because I wanted to create my own YouTube channel.

Apart from that, all players, much like this Mobile Legends game, accurately predicted that the RRQ team would win as yesterday’s MPL Invitational Champion.This he said directly on the show Empetalk It was owned by Jonathan Riandy not long ago.

In a video conversation with Evos brand ambassador and former Evos colleague Jonathan Liandi, Jess No Limit acknowledged that RRQ is currently being enhanced by the best players and is a strong candidate to beat MPL Invitational. It was.

“I’ve been rooting for RRQ since yesterday. Evos is strong, but somehow feels like RRQ, because after MPL they may still be together.”

Jess No Limit’s conjecture is true given that RRQ won the MPL Invitational very easily. Don’t forget to keep visiting our website to get the latest eSports news and follow us on Facebook.

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