Is Ivan Yeo showing signs of new players in Evos Legends?

Did Ivan Yo sign that Evos Legends has a new player?

Evos Legends has added three superstar players to the Mobile Legends roster for play in upcoming MPLI, M2, and MPL ID S7 events.

But did you know that not only are the three superstars officially announced as players, but there is another big announcement?

It all started with a personal Facebook post by Ivan Yeo, CEO and co-founder of EVOS Esports.

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New player Evos Legend
Photo via fb Ivan Yeo

“That’s not all,” said Ivan Yeo, with welcome posts to LJ, Antimage, and Luminaire.

“I have one more insane announcement” or “I have another crazy announcement soon.” So what does that mean?

SPIN esports forecast

evos mpli list

For our prediction Maybe so The MPLI roster has been confirmed and cannot be changed anymore, so there is one new player preparing for the next M2 or MPL ID Season 7.

But again This is just a prediction from SPIN Esports, as this rumor is very difficult to predict as there is no news about the statement from the owners of Evos eSports.

And sooner or later, you’ll soon have the latest news about what this Evos boss wants to upload to Facebook!

So just wait for the next update! For more updates, don’t forget to visit the SPIN website and follow Instagram and Youtube.

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