Is it true that the Moonton Building is on fire?

Is it true that the Moonton Building is on fire? Recently, there have been rumors that the building of Mobile Legends game developer Moonton was unfortunate, that is, the building caught fire yesterday.

The news that the Moonton building was on fire was also widely covered on social media such as YouTube and Facebook. Moonton does not provide official information, whether that information is true or not, but there are many who do provide information about the burning of Moonton’s buildings.

There is a consensus in the Indonesian Mobile Legends community as some people have linked information about the burning of Moonton’s buildings to server issues in yesterday’s Mobile Legends.

Source: YouTube

Spin Esports immediately asked Moonton Indonesia spokeswoman Azwin Nugraha about the truth of the rumor that the Mobile Legends game developer’s building is on fire.

Aswin Nugraha replied, “Hoax, Masa, the office is safe now. There is no fire at all,” so the information that the Moonton building that caused the server problem in Mobile Legends was burned down is hoax, spinner. Was confirmed.

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As another server issue, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has announced that network fluctuations occurring on some players are due to in-game server issues and will be fixed soon. This is evidenced by the easy access of the authors to the current Mobile Legends again.

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