Is it true that the Mobile Legends server has been late recently?

Is it true that Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has been lagging lately?

Recently, Mobile Legends players often complain that the Mobile Legends server is down or delayed.

This situation, which makes it impossible to play freely as usual, is annoying to players.

So did it really happen that the players complained? Has Mobile Legends’ server really gone down lately?

Previously, SPIN Esports explains through Instagram DM that many players have complained about this server’s downtime.

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It turns out that what we’ve been feeling lately (the server is down) is also being felt by Mobile Legends players at this point.

I can’t conclude this, but I think the Mobile Legends server went down recently, causing lag and errors.

Many players complain that they suddenly left the game while playing the alias afk, which is said to be felt by their opponents as well.

In addition, there were cases where the Internet environment was in place at that time, but I wanted to log in but could not.

In addition, given that the MPL ID Season 6 playoffs are about to begin, we just hope Mobile Legends will fix this delay issue quickly.

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