Is it true that 100 players can participate in the main amusement ass?

Is it true that 100 players can play “Ain As”? Read this article to the end!

Not long ago, we were surprised to see a video on YouTube about us in an unusual game.

Unusually, we mean that “between us” has been played by more than 50 people and even reached 100 people, and the video is now quite viral.

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Among us

So, is the video uploaded by one of the overseas YouTubers true? Before that, you can watch the video below!

In this regard, after we searched the truth about this and surfed the internet for quite some time.

Ein As, which can be played by 100 players, Engineering results From youtuber, or from someone else who can allow you to play more than 10 people, and even many times.

This is not possible with the original version of Amusement As, as Ein As itself is a multiplayer game in which up to 10 people can play with 1 to 3 scammers in a room.

Now everything is clear, spinner! So far, the original amusement ass game cannot be played by more than 10 players.

But in the future, given that the game itself always has active players from different countries around the world, it’s not impossible for developers to increase the number of players and scammers.

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