Is it possible that Doyoku heads for Alter Ego?

Is it possible that Doyoku will move to Alter Ego next season?

Currently, the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League (MPL) Season 6 event is still underway, but rumors of a player transfer are beginning to emerge.

One of the players rumored to be leaving the current team is Doyoku, who will join the three-sided team.

The team in question is none other than Alter Ego, and the team led by Delwin Skant is reportedly hiring Doyok in the next transfer market.

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Change the engrossed ego
Photo by ig lambe moba

Given that Alter Ego is currently very focused on improving the quality of its Mobile Legends team, this rumor seems more than just a joke.

And now, it is reported that Doyoku, the main engine of the otaku femme attack, will also be adopted by them to strengthen the attack power of Alter Ego.

Meanwhile, Doyoku has a great chance to join Alter Ego because his lover belongs to Alter Ego Ladies.

Also, looking at the current development of his team (Geek Fam), it hasn’t changed, so the move to Alter Ego is believed to be the best for his career.

Is it interesting to see if Geek Fam’s main core will soon be pinned to Alter Ego in the next MPL ID Season 7?

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