Is Freefire closed in India? Hoax or fact?

The Government of India has just announced that 118 Chinese applications have been banned.

The case banning all these applications arose due to a dispute between India and China.

One of the best games PUBG mobile It was also banned along with 117 other apps.

This will also panic fans of the biggest battle royale games. Free fire.

How about Free Fire? Is this also prohibited?

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Is Free Fire banned?

PUBG Mobile India Ban
Source: Ndtv .com

In fact, Free Fire (FF) Over 500 million Download with good rating Google Play store It is not an app from China.

so, Free Fire will not be banned or closed It is based on a statement issued by the Government of India.

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Ministry of Technical Information Has released a collection of banned applications. This Singapore Free Fire game will not be banned or closed.

The games banned in India are:

  1. PUBG mobile
  2. PUBG Mobile Light
  3. AFK area
  4. Pocket league
  5. Marvel Super War
  6. Cyber ​​hunter
  7. Cyber ​​Hunter Lite and many more.

Who owns the free fire?

Free fire (FF) Issued or issued by Galena, who is also a subordinate of the company Sea Limited.

Free Fire developer Garena has an office in Singapore. This excellent company operates three businesses. Garena, Shopee, And Sea money..

Founded in 2009, Garena maintains its position as an online retailer.

In 2022, they tried to design their own game. mobile.

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Well, The Spinners! If you’re afraid that India won’t allow you to restart your Free Fire games, don’t worry.

In fact, this Free Fire game is not made in China, but the applications banned in India are applications by Chinese developers.

It’s still safe for people who often spend time with friends in India.

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