iPhone 12 vs Samsung Galaxy S21, Which One Drops Faster in Price?

NESABAMEDIA.COMSmartphones are not something that can be used as a worthy investment asset. Because, smartphones are not assets that if sold later will generate profits. It is a natural process that smartphones will become obsolete, degrade due to use and will eventually experience a decrease in selling price.

Interestingly, some smartphone models will experience lower selling prices faster than others. Now, what is perhaps the most worthy of comparison is which one is faster to decline in selling prices between the Samsung Galaxy S21 or Apple iPhone 12.

SellCell which is a company in the field of selling used smartphones, has published a statistical report that reveals that the Samsung Galaxy S21 has been declining in resale value at a surprising rate. Apparently, it’s much more profitable to buy the iPhone 12, which came out a few months earlier than the Galaxy S21.

In just one month, the Samsung Galaxy S21 smartphone has experienced a decrease in the selling price from the previous 44.8 percent to 57 percent. With the same period, the iPhone 12 experienced a decrease in sales value by 18 percent, to 33.7 percent.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 5G, the 256GB variant, experienced the biggest decline of 19 percent. Meanwhile, the slowest decline in selling value from the Galaxy S21 lineup was the 128GB variant, which decreased by 14.9 percent. If this model were now sold on the second hand market, you would only be able to sell it for 55 percent of the price when you bought it new.

Decrease in the selling price of the Samsung Galaxy S21

Decrease in the selling price of the Samsung Galaxy S21

One of the main reasons why Samsung smartphones experience a decline in selling prices faster is because iPhone users tend to be more loyal than Android. iPhone users are not in a hurry to change smartphone devices, as often done by Android users who are very enthusiastic about changing devices when a new series of smartphone devices are launched.

On the other hand, the high demand for used iPhone devices has led to a slower decline in selling prices compared to other devices. Interestingly, from the results of a survey conducted, as many as 26 percent of Samsung users intend to switch to iPhone devices in the future.