ION Esports Still at the Top!

The last day of PMPL (PUBG Mobile Pro League) ID Season 5 Week 2 was very fierce. ION Esports still leads the standings with a total of 229 points.


The competition at PMPL ID Season 5 Week 2 day 5 was very exciting. The game on the fifth day was successfully controlled by several teams.

PMPL ID Season 5 Week 2 Day 5 results

  • Sanhok – Dewa United
  • Erangel – Boom Esports
  • Miramar – BNW 88
  • Miramar – RRQ Ryu
  • Erangel – EVOS Reborn

Team God United open the game with a sweet win. Worm game gaming at Sanhok took place tensely.

The sharp eyes of the Dewa United team managed to repatriate players from the Voin Victory team who did healing outside the zone. They finally managed to get WWCD.

Games both team won Boom Esports. A bomb throw from Boom Kent managed to knock out a Bonafide player.

This certainly opened the momentum for Boom Esports, which then advanced against the Bonafide team. They bravely raided players from the Bonafide team, which only left one person.

Miramar on the fifth day was won by the team BNW 88. Complete with 4 players, they managed to bombard every team that came their way.

Located in high ground made them far superior and managed to repatriate the last player from Dewa United’s team. BNW 88 managed to get WWCD with a total of 9 points kills.

Second Miramar on the last day week 2 successfully won by the team RRQ Ryu. Again, the bomb was the key to victory.

A bomb throw from the RRQ Ryu team managed to paralyze a player from the Genesis Dogma team. That way, they could easily advance towards a GD team that only had one active player left.

Games the last one closed with a win from the team EVOS Reborn. Level survival The tall one from the Redface team managed to make the white tiger team win.

Even though it’s in loh ground, but the shot from Redface really hurt. The shot succeeded in sending the last player from the V365 team home.

Overall Ranking PMPL ID Season 5 Week 2 Day 5

Following overall ranking PMPL ID Season 5 Week 2 Day 5:

Don’t miss the exciting action of the teams, tomorrow at PMPL ID Season 5 Week 3 Day 1 in the future Thursday, May 7, 2022. Don’t forget to continue to support your favorite team, OK!

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