Iofi Play Minecraft Relax, Elite Fan Manage

Then Iofi gave the elitist comment at the beginning of the comment column to get attention for his wise comments. Moona was “awestruck” and commented on the Iofi Main Minecraft Relax broadcast archive.

Airani Iofifteen and Moona Hoshinova, VTuber from the Hololive ID agency, collaborated together to play the game Minecraft casually on the Airani Iofifteen channel. The broadcast went smoothly with many funny, exciting and entertaining events because of their actions while playing together until finally the broadcast was finished and successfully archived so that it could be watched again and commented on in the comments column.

Then came the comment “Criticism”

However, there is something interesting in the VTuber commentary session, who is familiarly called Iofi, he found one of the comments containing “Constructive criticism but with a tone of disappointment”. The fan revealed that Iofi’s development was delayed in the broadcast, Iofi had to be serious when playing Minecraft, follow chat suggestions when building works in the game, take on behalf of the Minecraft community so as not to disappoint them, and add disgust for seeing Minecraft content being played improperly so that suggest playing other games instead.

Iofi Play Minecraft Relax, Elite Fan Manage
Comments “Constructive criticism”

Receiving this criticism, Iofi rewarded the criticism by placing the comment at the very first line of the commentary column of his broadcast archive, while commenting while “he said” he was eating popcorn.

Iofi Plays Minecraft Relax, Elite Fan Manages - Otaku Mobileague
Iofi “praises” the criticism

Of course, the elitist’s comments were “praised” by other commentators, including Iofi’s collaborator, Moona Hoshinova.

No need to wait long, the comments column was flooded with lots of “praise” for the criticism expressed by the fan who was considered an elitist. Many say that the criticism is too “rule” because Iofi and Hoshinova’s collaboration broadcast is a casual stream and it’s up to them to present their content. If the elitist is not happy with the content presented by them, nothing prevents him from looking for other content creators whose content he likes more.

Not to be missed, VTuber Moona Hoshinova, who is well known, doesn’t hesitate to be fierce with her fans who like to organize, come and make sarcastic comments.

Iofi Plays Minecraft Relax, Elite Fan Manages - Otaku Mobileague
Moona: Oh sorry, I didn’t realize that you are an expert in how Iofi and I present our broadcast. Wait a minute, I’ll take the notebook first.

Iofi plays Minecraft casually, if you’re not comfortable, you can look for other content

No one forbids you to go looking for other content if the content presented by the VTuber is no longer comfortable with the content being served. Based on almost all the rules when watching the content presented by the VTuber, the audience is expected not to be too “back bench players” who seem to control the way the VTuber plays when their opinion is not needed. Although in the end not a few still often violated these rules and in the end their chat was ignored by the VTuber.

The thing called Backseat Gamer This is not exclusively for Indonesian viewers, overseas VTuber viewers also often violate these regulations and sometimes irritate VTuber itself. If there is a time when Iofi is playing a game and again in a lost state and then asks for help to be guided by chat, then ethically and well the audience can provide leaks and help.

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