iNYourdreaM Invites you to play Mobile Arena from Garena

The Professional Esports Athlete

Muhammad Rizky or better known as inYourdreaM, is one of dozens of talented athletes who have entered the ranks of professional players, especially in the MOBA genre game on the PC platform with the title of the game being played is DotA 2. Joined in the professional team BOOM ID, Muhammad ” inYourdreaM” Rizky started his career slowly but surely, starting from achieving 9K MMR on the SEA DotA 2 server to participating in DotA 2 tournaments at the SEA level.

iNYourdreaM Invites you to play Mobile Arena from Garena

Play Together inYourdreaM

This time Iky, as he is familiarly called, invites gamers in Indonesia to play Mobile Arena games together. This game published by Garena Indonesia can be played on mobile because it was made specifically for the mobile platform. For mobileague friends who want to play together with the Moba Pro player, you can directly add the ingame name, bro, IYD kikycassa7 Who knows, after you play together, you can learn a lot of lessons to improve your game.

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