Introducing the free Fire Max 3.0 with improved graphics.

Without a doubt, Free Fire is one of the most popular battle royale games for smartphone users. The game has been downloaded over 500 million times on the Android Playstore and has many followers around the world. Still, many players find that the graphics in games released by Galena are not comparable to other battle royale games. To meet the demands of these players, Galena has developed Free Fire Max. It has much better graphics, features and animations than before. In this article, SPIN Esports has everything you need to know about Free Fire Max 3.0, which is in the final stages of beta.

about Free Firemax 3.0

Free Fire Max 3.0

Previously, Free Fire had gone through the 1.0 and 2.0 beta stages. This time, Garena has implemented Beta 3.0 Free Fire Max. The graphics category and weapon sound quality have been improved in this game.

Youtuber Free Free Indonesia. Rendy Rangers can try Free Fire Max 3.0. Rendy can try this game after getting an account from a friend who is a Malaysian citizen. This is because Indonesia is not a country that is allowed access to try the beta version.

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One of the differences Rendy Rangers immediately noticed is that the game’s graphics have improved again since Beta 2.0. This time, the weapon details are sharper and the weapon skins have a more visual animation effect than before.

Lendy was also impressed by the sound of the weapons, which became “real” and louder, giving a more intense playing feel.

“It hurts, the shotgun sounds really good, hey, this is bad,” Lendy said in his Youtube video. “This is HD (High Definition) once, everyone, yes, Really really HD, Full HD, awesome, awesome, “said Rendy, who was very impressed with the quality of the Free Fire Max games.

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Free Fire’s poor graphics criticism wasn’t from FF players, but other battle royale game playersTease Those games. However, with the advent of Free Fire Max, this game has the same great graphics as any other game.
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