Introducing the Evogan MP40 Predator Cobra FF Skin!

Leaked Skin Evo Gun MP40 Predator Cobra Free Fire (FF)!

In the May OB26 Free Fire (FF) update, Project cobra The main theme of this update.

The Project Cobra theme has some new features, one of which is skin Evolution Gun (Evo Gun) MP40 Predator Cobra!!

For those unfamiliar with Evogan, this weapon skin basically has exclusive effects and special skills!

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For those who care, the MP40 Predator Cobra evo Gunskin is here!

Skin Evolution Gun MP40 Predator Cobra

As explained above, the MP40 Predator Cobra is an evolutionary skin. As a result, this weapon appears to have some changes in appearance and animation.

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Skin Evogan MP40 Predator Cobra FF
Skin level 1 (Source: Morfeo_OFC)

At level 1, MP40 skins give a very strong first impression. Its appearance is very futuristic, with the letters “cobra” underneath and a combination of white, red and black colors. body..

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Skin Evogan MP40 Predator Cobra FF
Level 3 (Source: Morpheo_OFC)

At level 3, the MP40 Predator Cobra looks different, and this time the gunskin looks like a cobra’s head.

This skin also turns red in a snake scale-like pattern. Players can also see the snake’s fangs and the barrel of the rifle, which looks like a snake’s tongue.

Skin Evogan MP40 Predator Cobra FF
Level 7 (Source: Morfeo_OFC)

When the player reaches the highest level, level 7, the skin for this weapon looks a bit like the level 3 skin, but looks much better.

The skin makes the snake’s head look even bigger, and the cobra looks like it’s open when combined with the MP40’s front handle.

In addition, behind the weapon, the player can see the body part of the snake wrapped around the weapon, which also has an effect on the weapon. Shining..

Here is a preview of the Skin Evogan MP40 Predator Cobra On Free Fire (FF)! In addition to changing its appearance, this skin also has other effects such as shooting effects, kills, and statistical changes.

We will continue to provide you with the latest information on developing information about MP40 Predator Cobra skins.

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