Introducing Hundreds of Games, Microsoft Releases xCloud Game Streaming Service

XBox console can be used to play AAA games on mobile via xCloud

XBox console can be used to play AAA games on mobile via xCloud

GridGames.ID – Good news comes from Microsoft, which finally officially presents Game Streaming service, xCloud.

The service is now available on Android phones via the Xbox Game Pass app.

Games such as Grounded, Forza Horizon 4, and Destiny 2 will also enliven the xCloud service.

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Microsoft seems to be slowly changing their Xbox business from a traditional console company to being more digital, namely multiplatform.

Xbox Game Pass serves to bring their gaming ecosystem closer than the Xbox console.

Example of playing with xCloud

Example of playing with xCloud

And now through the mobile platform, especially Android, xCloud is here to access it through the Xbox Game Pass application.

Now, especially for those of you who are already Xbox Game Pass subscribers, then you just need to download the application and start playing.

If not, you just have to register to subscribe to the service for IDR 17 thousand (for the first month).

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