Internet in airplane mode

Airplane mode (Airplane) is a feature embedded in Smartphone whose function is to disable the telephone signal network, Internet, Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth.

Usually functions Airplane mode used when we are on an airplane.

other than that Airplane mode It can also be used to save battery Smartphone we when Smartphone We want to stay alive, but save battery.

But do you know that if we actually turn on airplane mode, we can still browse the internet? how rummage, Open YouTube and receive chat messages, etc.

But remember, even if that is deep Airplane mode, not that this method can be performed on an airplane. because Radio data At Smartphone revived in Airplane mode so that the cellular data remains switched on. Here is the guide:

1. Turn it on first Airplane mode his. Can be via settings or in. be Quick menu At Status bar.

2. Then open it Select/phone/call.

3. Enter numbers * # * # 4636 # * # *

4. You will automatically enter the menu testing. Then choose Phone information.

5. Look for options Cellular performance, in several brands device other names, but not much different then turn on.

6. Wait a moment, then you will be connected to the internet.

7. Please try opening it via browser and voila, successfully!


Remarks: There are some devices that cannot do this trick.

But it can’t hurt to try it out and try another brand of Android with a different look too menu, but not much different from what is given in the tutorial.

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