Instructions for installing the PHP Framework Codeigniter

On this occasion the author will discuss building a website with the CodeIgniter framework. Maybe someone has created a website here before. Either with pure PHP / indigenous, CMS or with the help of a framework.

definition frame itself is a framework consisting of a number of procedures, functions, Great, and library that is structured to make it easier and faster for programmers to create a website or website-based application without having to do anything Coding from the beginning.

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Code detonator is a PHP framework Open source using the MVC concept (Models, views, controllers) to create dynamic websites or web-based applications.

Advantages of using frameworks:

1. The work becomes easier and faster.

2. Save time and money.

3. No need to build or build Script / code from the start, since you only have to call the functions you need in the framework, it is easier to process Maintenance.

4. It’s easier to develop an application.

Before you start installing the Codeigniter framework, Assure yourself that your laptop or pc wasTo install:

  • Web server (XAMPP or WAMP server)
  • Text editor (Notepad ++, Atom or Sublime Text)
  • Browser (Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome)

The following are the steps to install the PHP Framework Codeigniter:

1. Download Co-igniter.

2. Download and To install XAMPP, in this tutorial with XAMPP.

3. Move the result folder download which was extracted from the zipper in order to C: xampp htdocs.

3. Next rename Folder name becomes CI (folder name is yours).

4. Open XAMPP and make sure that your Apache is switched on.

5. Next, open your text editor. Here, for example, the author uses Atom. Then choose File – open folderR. Select the CI folder thatrename OK.

6. Now we change the configuration Base url by selecting Application – Config – Config.php.

7. Then add the program section as follows:

8. Open the browser and enter the browser URL: localhost / CI.

9. If the page appears in your browser as shown above, the installation process has been declared successful.

So the tutorial for installing the PHP framework Codeigniter, good luck!

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