Instantly Record! PUBG Mobile Shares UIDs for Blackpink Members

HI-ONLINE.COM- The collaboration event between the game made by Tencent, PUBG Mobile and the girl group Blackpink seems to be getting closer.

Some time ago, Tencent via the PUBG Mobile Twitter account hinted at their new collaboration with a girl group through a silhouette poster photo of four people on Facebook Military Base.

The next day, which was on September 17, 2022, PUBG Mobile officially announced that they would be working with Blackpink.

With the caption in the form of Blackpink’s slogan so far, “Blackpink in your area” PUBG Mobile embeds a photo of Blackpink members with the background of the PUBG area wrapped in pink.

Until now, it is still unknown what kind of collaboration or collaboration PUBGM will do with Blackpink.

But at the same time as the announcement, PUBGM also uploaded photos containing skin bags, parachutes, head gear and costumes in pink and black colors.

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Many assume that the skin is a form of their collaboration. But in the caption PUBGM said that it was a gift for the Recal Event.

There are also those who share photos of planes with the “blackpink” skin on the loading screen when they want to enter the game.

After that, suddenly a TikTok video appeared which was referred to as the account of the Blackpink members. This is believed to be due to the “PUBG Partner” badge.


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