Install automatic source links when copying and pasting articles

In this tutorial, the author wants to show ways how to protect bloggers’ writing from article theft (copy paste) and autoblogs.

Advantages of manufacturing shortcut That automatic source, if there are bloggers who want to steal the article, there will be a written source of the actual article.

Here are the steps:

1. Register on this page first

2. After registering bothmenu The main thing is that there will be Javascript, it has to beCopy to your website or blog.

3. You simply choose in-menu it’s for web, blogspot, wordpress, joomla and tumblr, there are steps.

Example for blogspot:

Log in to the blogger -> select Menu layout -> To edit HTML -> check mark Expand widget templates -> Copy The Javascript before the code

Example for WordPress

Go to the Admin Menu -> Select Appearance in-menu Sidebar -> Select editor -> Select Header (Header.php) -> Copy The Javascript before the code

Save it and give it a try.

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