Insert pictures / photos into text with PicsArt

With today’s many social media outlets, they indirectly compete with each other to show something unique and different. PicsArt is an application that can help social media users create photo content. PicsArt is your best choice as this application is not only very light but also allows great photo editing.

Well, this time we’re going to discuss how to put photos into text. Curious? Let’s just follow these steps:

1. Open the PicsArt application on your smartphone.

2. Select ‘To draw‘.

3. Determine the size background and click the arrow.

4. The new worksheet is now ready.

5. Select the menu ‘layers‘choose a color background with dark color.

Change background go black.

6. Click on ‘arrow‘. and choose ‘Edit picture‘.

7. Select ‘text‘. And enter the letters.

Here I use the letter ‘E.‘.

8. Click on ‘Fonts“To change letters.

9. Click on ‘colour‘to change the font color. Here I change the font color to black.

10. Click on ‘stroke‘, Select ‘colour‘white color, and change’thickness“Turns 5.

11. Click the ‘+‘and select’add a photo‘.

12. Select a photo and click on ‘Add to‘.

13. Enlarge photo, ‘change valueopacity“Turns 54.

14. Delete background Photo, we click the icon ‘eraser‘.

15. Change the value of ‘hardness“Turns 100.

16. Delete background Photo.

17. To restore the deleted topic we can use the tool ‘Turning back‘. When you’re done, click the check mark.

18. Return value ‘opacity“Turns 100.

19. Now we’re going to add effects to the image. Click tools’effect‘.

20. Select effects FX, and select ‘movie theater‘. Click the check mark.

21. Click the arrow icon.

Your picture is now available on to save to the gallery or share on your social media.

It’s that simple, isn’t it. This is the tutorial ‘How to insert photos into text with PicsArt’. Much luck.

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