Indonesian climbers win gold at world championships

LIMAPAGI – A proud achievement came from the Indonesian climbing athlete Veddriq Leonardo. This is after Veddriq won a gold medal at the 2022 World Championships.

Veddriq takes part in the IFSC Villars World Championships in Switzerland. He competed in the men’s speed class and won.

The man who holds the men’s speed record in the final against Russian Dmitrii Timofeev. Veddriq drove fast in the match.

This time he set a record of 5.329 seconds. Timofeev had meanwhile experienced a loss of momentum at the beginning.

Veddriq itself is proud of this achievement. He dedicates the title to Indonesia.

“I’m very happy with this win, even if it’s very cold here. This game is a challenging game,” said Veddriq.

Veddriq is not the only male Indonesian climber to hand over a medal. It was Kiromal Katibin who also awarded the title.

Despite losing to Timofeev in the semifinals, Katibin managed to avenge him in the battle for third place. He even had the fastest results in the tournament.

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