Indonesia is Ready to Host the 2022 PMCO Southeast Asia Final


The development of PUBG Mobile in Indonesia is the reason for the choice of Indonesia as the host for the 2022 PMCO Southeast Asia Final Stage.

Jakarta, May 24, 2022 – PUBG Mobile today held a media conference as well as a friendly meeting with partners and media partners. The event entitled PUBG Mobile Media Conference and Ramadan Gathering 2022 This is a form of PUBG Mobile’s gratitude for the support of media partners for the development of PUBG Mobile in Indonesia in the past year. In this event, PUBG Mobile also shared information about the various successes that have been achieved, especially in Indonesia; including PUBG Mobile’s plans and commitment to world development e-sports in Indonesia.

Indonesia is Ready to Host the 2022 PMCO Southeast Asia Final

Currently, PUBG Mobile has more than 100 million monthly active users worldwide. Especially in Indonesia, PUBG Mobile has succeeded in embracing players in more than 220 cities through various offline tournaments at the amateur, professional and international levels, witnessed by more than 23 million viewers.

Original Indonesian Local Content

In addition, as a form of support and appreciation for PUBG Mobile for the enthusiasm of Indonesian players and building closer relationships, PUBG Mobile also presents various contents inspired by Indonesian culture such as a series of batik costume collections on items in-game to the latest programs such as activities that are specially presented to enliven Ramadan with various in-game prizes.

In the future, PUBG Mobile will continue to provide unique and different experiences for players and gamers in Indonesia. In the near future, PUBG Mobile in collaboration with the local police will present pop-up booths in various areas that travelers pass through to support the homecoming tradition in Indonesia.

Time management system to be healthier

In addition, PUBG Mobile has also created a healthy playing system using time restrictions. With this new system, it is hoped that PUBG Mobile will be able to contribute positively to creating a healthier game and e-Sport ecosystem in the future.


Indonesia is Ready to Host the 2022 PMCO Southeast Asia Final

Oliver Ye as PUBG Mobile Marketing Director for Southeast Asia also inaugurated the 2022 PUBG Mobile Club Open Tournament in the Southeast Asia final stage which will be held in Indonesia. Oliver Ye said, “It is a matter of pride for us, PUBG Mobile, to be able to hold the first international tournament in Indonesia. As a country that is highly respected and respected by many countries; Indonesia is an important source of inspiration for us with the diversity, the spirit of unity and the high spirit of sportsmanship created in the community. Therefore, we think Indonesia is the best choice to host this international tournament.”

With the 2022 PMCO Southeast Asia Final stage tournament, representatives from Indonesia are expected to become stars and advance to the next stage, namely the Global Finals. So, let’s support the Indonesian team who are competing for a place in the PMCO 2022 Southeast Asia Final which will be held in mid-June 2022. Indonesia, Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

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