Indonesia Gaming Award 2022 Online Voting Phase Officially Starts Today

Indonesia Gaming Awards 2022

Famous AllStars

Indonesia Gaming Awards 2022

GridGames.ID – Despite being in the middle of a pandemic, the Indonesia Gaming Award 2022 program will still be held.

Unlike last year, the program for people working in the game industry in Indonesia will be held online.

The Indonesia Gaming Award is the originator of the first award event for the esports and gaming industry in Indonesia.

In its first implementation, the Indonesia Gaming Award itself was held offline last year.

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This program was initiated under the auspices of Famous AllStars, Indonesia’s Largest Entertainment & Content Creator Company.

Interestingly, this year it will be supported by more than 100 panelists consisting of various esports and gaming industry players.

Examples include representatives from developers, publishers, media, to professional teams.

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Today (29/10), the Indonesia Gaming Award 2022 officially begins with the online voting phase.

There are 14 award categories, namely:

1. Most Favorite Gaming Content Creator of The Year
2. Most Favorite Caster of The Year
3. Most Favorite Cosplayer of The Year
4. Most Favorite Hardware & Gaming Peripherals of The Year
5. Most Favorite Tournament of The Year
6. Most Favorite Game of The Year
7. Most Favorite Indonesian Game of The Year
8. Most Favorite Indonesian Developer of The Year
9. Most Favorite Publisher of The Year
10. Most Favorite Gaming Media of The Year
11. Most Favorite Gameplay of The Year
12. Most Favorite Rookie of The Year
13. Most Favorite Esports Player of The Year
14. Most Favorite Esports Team of The Year

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This year’s Indonesia Gaming Award ceremony is planned to be held online in December.

The Indonesia Gaming Award 2022 will also be enlivened by performances from several musicians as well as esports and gaming industry players.

“Seeing the enthusiasm of visitors & viewers from last year, we still want to hold the Indonesia Gaming Award to continue to appreciate esports & gaming players in Indonesia,” said Alex Wijaya as Business Director of Famous AllStars.

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For those of you who want to vote for your favorite Indonesian esports and game players, there are two ways you can do it.

First, you can open Instagram @exgverse, select a category nomination, and comment on the post you want to choose in the #IGA20_(category)_(nomination) format.

Alternatively, you can go directly to the website or go directly to Twitter @EXGCON.

Kuy, immediately vote for your idol at the 2022 Indonesia Gaming Award, OK!


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