Indo Pride! Not Even 1 Month Released, Game Coffee Talk from Indonesia Earns IDR 7.6 Billion

GridGames.ID – The game from Indonesia produced by Toge Productions, Coffee Talk, has sold a total of 40 thousand units worldwide.

In fact, this game is known not even a month was released, you know!

Coffee Talk can be found on various gaming platforms such as Steam, Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox, and others.

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From the number of units sold, Coffee Talk itself was reported to have generated a total gross income of approximately Rp. 7.6 billion. Goks!

This has also become the spotlight of international media such as The Guardian, The Verge, and many other international media.

The Guardian and The Verge discuss the game Coffee Talk

Toge Productions

The Guardian and The Verge discuss the game Coffee Talk

This coffee shop-themed game has many fans who like the “calm” feeling it offers.

Starting from the ambience in terms of visuals, to the music in it, Coffee Talk is different from games which in fact is competitive.

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“It’s great to have such a great response. Hopefully this game can provide a relaxing and refreshing atmosphere for players,” said Andrew Jeremy, Product Manager and Composer at Coffee Talk.

Kris Antoni as CEO of Toge Productions added, “We are very happy and proud that our game has managed to get the world’s attention, hopefully more Indonesian games will follow.”

Coffee Talk Games

Toge Productions

Coffee Talk Games

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Not only that, Coffee Talk also managed to become one of the most popular games in May 2022 on the Steam platform.

As the only game made in Indonesia, Coffee Talk is side by side with famous games from Japan, the United States, and various other countries such as the Atelier series, Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, and The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners, and others.

Coffee Talk is one of the most popular games of May 2022 on Steam

Toge Productions

Coffee Talk is one of the most popular games of May 2022 on Steam

This is of course a great impetus for Toge Productions to continue to work and make the country proud.

“Furthermore, we will also publish the game A Space For The Unbound by Mojiken Studio from Surabaya which raises the theme of Indonesian youth in the 90s era,” concluded Kris.

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Hopefully there will be Indonesian games that will follow Coffee Talk’s achievements, okay! #indopride


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