Indie Game ‘Firewatch’ Will Be Adapted Into Hollywood Movie

GridGames.ID – Guys, does anyone remember the cool indie game released in 2022 called Firewatch?

Firewatch itself is an adventure game created by Campo Santo and published by the developer together with Panic.

When it first launched, Firewatch became a hot topic of discussion because of its tense gameplay and good storytelling.

This game is set in Wyoming in 1989, tells the story of a firefighter named Henry unraveling his family’s tragedy with the mystery that surrounds him.

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After the success of four years ago, Firewatch is now rumored to be getting a film adaptation, you know.

According to a THR report, the production of this film will be run by Snoot Entertainment, which made Little Monster, Blindspotting, Blair Witch and other films.

For other details such as who the actors are or whether to openly plagiarize the original game, GridGames has not received any news, guys.

But it looks like “Firewatch” developer Campo Santo will be involved in making this film with Snoot Entertainment.

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