Indie Developers Difficult to Develop Games on Playstation, Here’s the Reason!

PlayStation 5 game console illustration

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PlayStation 5 game console illustration

GridGames.ID – Game development for console platforms has a higher level of difficulty than on PC or mobile platforms.

Launching from my box, an indie developer (independent) admits that it is difficult to develop games on consoles, especially Playstation.

Some indie developers even admit that they prefer to work with Microsoft and Nintendo to develop indie games.

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According to a report from Bloomberg, Sony shows extreme caution even with games they develop themselves.

Sony focuses on creating games blockbusters which was clearly a huge success for the developer studio and publisher.

According to a Bloomberg report, Sony Playstation has minimized internal game development and is only focused on big games.

This of course has an impact on the existence of indie games on the Playstation platform.

Check out the developer’s response to the Sony Playstation stance on the next page.


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