Indecent! Young Lex’s words make Blackpink fans angry!

Lalisa Manoban or commonly known as Lisa. is a member blackpink (Korean girlband) who will hold a fan meeting at Indonesia on August 9 2022 future.

An event organized by one of the online marketplace this of course makes the Blink (A nickname for Blackpink fans) became very enthusiastic.

The event has not yet been held, fans of blackpink stirred by the figure rapper which has attracted a lot of controversy, namely Samuel Alexander or commonly known as Young Lex.

Because Young Lex make Blackpink fans angry because of his obscene words in a video on channel YouTube hers.

Talking Indecent, Young Lex Criticized by BLINKs!

On the uploaded video Young Lex in channel YouTube hers, it can be seen that rapper This controversial channel channeled his obscene words at Blackpink members, especially Lisa.

Even though like fans in general who are happy to get their idol album, Young Lex looks happy to get Blackpink’s latest album entitled Square Up.

But when I saw Lisa’s photo in the album, Young Lex called throwing obscene words at members blackpink that.

Of course because that’s what makes the fans of blackpink angry with Young Lex, they even criticize rapper through their social media accounts.

Fans Make a Petition So Young Lex Doesn’t Come to the Meet & Greet Event

Blink petition

Blink petition

After the crowd became a byword, finally the fans of blackpink create a petition containing Blink refusal for the presence Young Lex at the event Meet & Greet the.

The fans discussed the organizers who provided the seats Front Row for Young Lex at the event fans meeting the.

The petition also explains how rapper it’s harassing Lisa when doing unboxing album blackpink.

“sh*t, photos for b***l”, that’s the excerpt from the video Young Lex quoted in the petition.

To date, the petition has been signed by more than 34,984 person. While the target is 35,000 signature. For those of you who want to see the contents of the petition, you can see here.

So far, there has been no response from the committee regarding the invitation Young Lex at the event fan meeting Lisa which will be held in Kota Kasablanka that.

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