In The Heights Hit Summer With a Shake

If you are a fan of musicals or broadway films, you can be sure that you will enjoy the film In The Heights. The film that kicked off the summer of 2022 with swaying, dancing and sweating excitement is directed by Jon M. Chu (Crazy Rich Asian) and adapted from stage musical preHamilton Lin-Manuel Miranda legendary.

This film, which is rich in celebration of community, culture and Hispanic culture, is full of scenes of warmth, celebration and strong kinship. Even though it’s fun and stomping, there are some scenes that are guaranteed to bring tears to your eyes or bring you to the warmth of past memories. Like what?

Who’s Usnavi?

Usnavi de la Vega (Anthony Ramos, Hamilton/A Star is Born) is an orphaned young man who runs a grocery store in his neighborhood, Washington Heights. After immigrating from Dominican Republic with his family, Usnavi -whose origin of his unique name is quite intriguing, has a dream to return to his homeland and run a bar by the beach.

The Heights, the neighborhood where Usnavi lives is full of working class people where the streets are full of people chatting, salon girls gossiping and traveling ice cream parlors who are still selling their wares.

Usnavi is very fond of his neighbors, Vanessa (Melissa Barrera). The beautiful girl who now works at the salon has a dream to become a fashion designer famous in the city center. But what the power of mediocre funds made him wrestle with his little dream.

Besides Usnavi and Vanessa, the heights is also inhabited by a number of other Hispanic communities who have their own dreams and challenges. Kevin (Jimmy Smith), owner of a taxi service who went back and forth to sell his business, Nina (Leslie Grace), Kevin’s daughter who studies at Stanford but is unable to face the racism she experiences at her campus, until Benny (Corey Hawkins), one of Kevin’s employees who always loves Nina, whatever her condition.

Sing, Dance & Music!

In the Heights is a must-watch musical on the big screen. Cold hands Jon M. Chu who has directed several films Step up knows very well how to choreograph big moments in this film. Whether it’s in the form of a melancholy song, or a large-scale song and sway.

At In the Heights, Chu celebrates the songs of frontman Lin Manuel Miranda in a variety of interesting settings, such as the streets of the Heights, swimming pools, to a warm duet defying gravity on the emergency stairs.

All of them are able to take the audience out of the real world even for a moment, and invite them to set foot in Washington Heights. Are you ready to dance?

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