If you want to play Cyber ​​Hunter, check out the detailed soft launch information here

Cyber ​​Hunter Soft Launch

What is “Soft Launch”?
Soft Launch is the release of a new product or service to a limited audience to collect Feed Back & bug reports so that they can be addressed before releasing the product to a larger audience.

In which countries is the Cyber ​​Hunter soft launch available?
Soft Launch is currently only available in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Will my account data be deleted when the game will be released globally?
NO. Soft launch account data will not be deleted when the game will be released globally. Play freely without worrying about losing progress.

When will the game be released globally?
As of now the global release date has not been determined. We collect data and feedback from soft launches so we can address them before releasing the game globally. Please stay here!

I’m not in a soft launch state. Can I play the game by downloading the app from an external website?
Yes you can play but you will get high ping and lagging issues. So we would advise you to wait for the global release.

Cyber ​​Hunter Soft Launch
Cyber ​​Hunter Soft Launch

What are the specs to run Cyber ​​Hunter?

• At least 1.5 GB of available space
• Android 4.3 or later
• OpenGL ES 3.0 or later

• At least 1.5 GB of available space
• iOS 8.0 or later
• iPhone 5s or later / iPad mini 2 or later / iPad Air or later / iPod 6 or later

What is CS’s email address?
CS’s email address is [email protected] Please use this email address for support tickets and to report any hackers you may encounter.

When will the PC version be released?
The PC version is currently under development and will be released a little after the mobile version is released globally.

When will we get our pre-registration rewards?
Pre-registration rewards will be sent after the game is released globally.

How can I submit a support ticket from within the game?
Settings -> Customer Support -> Contact us

Why can’t I unlock other Droid skills?
Initially only 3 skill Droids were unlocked. However, as you level up by playing the game, you will unlock more Droid Skills.

Cyber ​​Hunter Soft Launch
Cyber ​​Hunter Soft Launch

About Bots and Game Mods

Are there bots in the game?
Yes. There are bots in the match when the number of players online is low or offline during Match Making to increase the competition. The higher your level, the harder it is to eliminate bots.

How does Match Making work?
Sometimes I get matched instantly and sometimes it takes time to find a match. Matchmaking depends on various factors such as your level of play, your K/O level, the number of online players you rank, etc. When more of your ranked players are online, you can find matches almost instantly. However, when fewer of your ranked players are online, it takes more time to find a match.
ZeroBotBOT01 / 25/2019

When does the next season start?
The new season will start during the Global launch. Until then, season 1 will continue.

Can I use Samsung tuner to tune the game to run smoothly?
NO. The use of any software that changes the texture of the game is not permitted. Using other software/applications to modify games is against the ToS. This will cause the account to be permanently BANNED.

How can I report a hacker?
If you find a hacker in the game, then you can report that player through the in-game report system. However, Send a photo showing your hacker and server game name and if possible, a video or screenshot to our customer support: [email protected]

Can we make a special room?
As of now, this feature is not available. However, we may implement it in the future.

When will we have a new game mode?
A new game mode is currently in development and will be released eventually in the future. Please stay here!

Cyber ​​Hunter Soft Launch
Cyber ​​Hunter Soft Launch

Will it be esports

Does this game have tournaments or E-Sports?
Yes. We will hold E-Sports with attractive prizes! The announcement will be made before the E-Sports event. Please stay here!

If I change my server, will my character be transferred to that server too?
Not. The characters you create are limited to the previously played server. You have to start over on another server, but your old character will stay on the old server.

Can we move our account data between iOS to Android and vice versa?
Unfortunately no, that’s not possible. You have to start over on a new device.

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