If the price of lemon is $ 15 million, how much will it cost for players such as Oura and Tsuru?

If a lemon costs 15 million, how much does a player such as Oura or Tsuru cost?

As we know earlier, Andrian Paulin, or someone we know well under the name AP, has revealed the price of lemons.

Lemon prices were released shortly before at the Jonathan Riandi Empetalk event.

He said the price of lemons is equivalent to the price of MPL entry slots, which is equivalent to US $ 1 million or IDR 15 billion.

He still vaguely says this, but fans believe that the price of lemons is very high as a mobile legend player.

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Oura ball u lemon price

But for that, it’s true that Lemon is so much appreciated, given his huge achievements in the Indonesian mobile legends pro scene.

He has earned MPL twice and his performance is consistent every year. So, if it’s true that Lemon is worth it, will other players outperform Lemon’s achievements be valued more than him?

Do you call them Oura, Donkey, Tuturu, etc. if they are still active because the prices of the players are much higher than lemons or equivalents?

A very interesting pro scene, Mobile Legends Indonesia, is very promising for anyone who wants to enter the industry.

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